August 16, 2004

BBC NEWS | Politics | Watchdog's Big Brother UK warning

Yet another attempt by the Minister for Fascism to introduce ID cards. This time hook them young, I wonder how long until he starts to say how this will protect kids from peadophiles?

The other big selling point of ID cards is protection from terrorism. There has not been a terrorist incident in this country for years. ID cards where not needed to combat the IRA, so why are they needed now to combat these so far nonexistent terrorists? There are only a few thousand illegal immigrants each year, and crime figures are falling year on year. Under current UK law if ID cards are introduced not carrying one will be an arrestable offence. Given the results of the current "stop and search" tactics we will find that it is being used disproportionally against ethnic minorities. Are we going to alienate further a large proportion of the population further to combat some nonexistent fears whipped up by the tabloid press?


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